School hostel management system proposal

Reports - Waiting list, allocation list, mess joining report, Fine report, due list etc. So use this software and get more benefit from from this. Students will come from a wide variety of academic backgrounds.

This is to enable fast and efficient access and retrieval of information from the system by authorized users.

Different browsers manipulate sessions differently, some browsers will still display session variables even after they are destroyed 3. The below mentioned have shaped the destiny of this project, either directly or indirectly: Such details are made use of during room allotment to ensure that; i.

Tables Queries Forms Reports Macros 4. This information keeps track of the duration that the guest has stayed at the hotel. Privacy issues shall be given importance as well.

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Water fall development model For example, Lufthansa guarantees that its customers will make their connecting flights if there are no delays due to weather or air-traffic control problems. The system will track and automatically display rooms that are supposed to have been vacated otherwise calculate the appropriate daily fee or penalty imposed to students who do not comply with the rule and regulations of the department to check out from the rooms on time.

ABC Hotel offers accommodation, meals, additional facilities and other services. The customer who claims his payout is less likely to defect or spread a negative word of mouth. Inventory Management System - It will control the allotment of table chair, beds etc.

Developers may only work with local server for testing purposes and during development and thereafter the application may fail to work correctly. Mary Gathoni computer programmer-Kenyatta University Miss. In the folder, double click on the ABC hotel access project icon to open the system.

Local perspective 19 University of Nairobi in Kenya has an implementation of such a system built with php as the server side scripting language. If the guest intends to stay for more than a day, he has to book in for accommodation in advance; else, his information will be input into the system at the reception.

Cities, towns, business centres, shopping places and schools are examples of places where this business has flourished. Move the records you want to appear in the report from the left column into the right column. This curriculum will be taught primarily by faculty in the School and required of all students in the programs.

The following is a break down of the activities as anticipated to be carried out: The table has the following fields to enable it perform the above described functions: A list of possible areas for research is attached see Appendix II.

Summary and conclusion 4.

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The module also provides interface with each level of users to enable them to report breakages concerning room or office equipment and such like items. Admin will check the student status by getting in the student entity and fees is a weak entity attached to the student so admin will be able to check the fees status of student.

Double click the ABC Hotel main switch board. As he concludes, he is grateful that the system will be able to serve its intended purpose and meet its objectives to the satisfaction of the hotel management, the staff and guests.

Tables Queries Forms Reports Macros 4. To provide backup of the housing department information about students both in computer and hard copy from printed reports 1. The system will cover; booking, accommodation, meals, and accounts details.

Several data entry errors and retrieval problems were encountered. Examples of systems already implemented: Back up will be done using a 50 gigabytes hard disk that should be secure from any data security threats. The primary concern of researchers in this area is designing information systems that are efficient and effective, easy to learn and to use, and powerful in their ability to allow users to express their information needs.

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Provide self-service option for students v. Even the fee information is also stored. Joseph Hostel in order to accommodate the increased number of students. This is because, being a system, the ABC HOTEL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM is bound to undergo system entropy.

High security measures should be upheld in order to avoid theft crimes at the hotel.

Proposal for a School of Information Management and Systems

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It's free to sign up and bid on jobs. Hostel Management system is a project where all the details of the people who stay in the particular hostel will be shown in the software, the check in time and check out. The vendor of the centralized library, textbook, media, and asset management system under consideration should be in a position to meet.

Objectives • • • • • • Critical review of the School Management System Critical study of technologies that can solve the problem Design and develop a system for solving the problem Evaluation of the proposed system Bata releasing Preparation of final documentation Proposed Solution /5(2).


School hostel management system proposal
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Hostel Management System - Student Project Code