Mauritius as a tourist destination

Tour operators only provide 2 hrs at this island, which seems very less. Mauritius Island was discovered by sailors from Malay and Arab regions of Asua in the tenth century. According to the Bank of Mauritius the gross tourism receipts was Rs 44 billion in Local arts and crafts stores can be found in most villages, as well as designer factory outlets that sell Ralph Lauren and other brands at a fraction of European prices.

Tourism in Mauritius

Overview[ edit ] Flic en Flaca beach on the western part of the island The tourism sector is supervised by the Ministry of Tourism and Leisurethe Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority MTPA promotes Mauritius by conducting advertising campaigns, participating in tourism fairs and organizing, in collaboration with the local tourism industry, promotional campaign and activities in Mauritius and abroad.

Any resort hotel will have its own people to provide you with any watersport you can think of. Grand Bassin Grand Bassin, known also as Ganga Talao is a lake situated in a secluded mountain area in the district of Savanne, deep in the heart of Mauritius.

History[ edit ] In the past thirty years, Mauritius has developed from a low-income economy based on agriculture to a middle-income diversified economy. It also contributes to the uplifting of the destination and provides technical assistance to Rodrigues island.

Owing to the remarkable work accomplished by the Mauritius Wildlife Fund, the island has become an international standard for the protection of natural resources and endangered species.

Much of this economic growth has been the result of the expansion of the luxury tourism sector. It's your last day in paradise. Growth in the Mauritius Tourism and in Tourist Arrivals Tourist arrivals have been expanding consequently, thus rising from 18, attoin and then toin The colors of these unique dunes are red, brown, violet, green, blue, purple and yellow, purple and red are predominant.

First, I want to argue on behalf of the title of this article; that this tropical island 2, miles off the southeast coast of Africa does indeed provide a template for a model African travel destination. Ship making factory, some souvenior shop, extinct crater Hindu temple and then Chamarel multi color earth.

Grand Baie Grand Baie is the best and main tourist attraction in Mauritius. Participants refresh themselves with the local ice cold Phoenix beer, the occasional Green Island rum and Coke and barbecue, freshly caught seafood like snapper, dorado, prawns, octopus and lobster.

Places To Visit in Mauritius

At the city center there are number of French styled buildings, which enhances the charm of Port Louis. After that you will be taken to Ile Aux Cerfs where you have clearest turquoise water. The main idea is to develop new markets, which include penetrating to new countries and new client profiles.

The museum has areas dedicated to music, art, antique maps, Chinese and Indian house wares and quirky contraptions like a colonial-era shower. After location, you will find plenty of resorts in your budget, ranging from 3 star to 5 star. The hotel industry in Mauritius is a very well organized industry.

In the center of the crater there is a small lake. The Tourism Authority TA is responsible for licensing, regulating and supervising the activities of tourist enterprises, pleasure crafts, skippers and canvassers.

Participants refresh themselves with the local ice cold Phoenix beer, the occasional Green Island rum and Coke and barbecue, freshly caught seafood like snapper, dorado, prawns, octopus and lobster.

Since gaining independence in there's never been a coup, or military or populist uprising of any kind on this small Indian Ocean island just more than 2, square kilometres in size. From the view point on the crater you will have a spectacular view of major part of Mauritius Island.

Also, the biggest and oldest post office in Mauritius is found in Port Louis near the Caudan Waterfront. One can walk along the greenery and reach the highest point of the island, which is the Black River Peak. The Grand Bassin is a holy lake for Mauritian of Hindu faith.

Go to the Casela Wildlife Park www. Another way is to look at the facilities and food provided by individual resorts and just go with them.

There are large numbers of historical sites, impressive natural beauty, numerous white sandy beaches, and the spicy fun of the island and its rich culture. In the center of the crater there is a small lake.

Business tourism in Mauritius Independent since and a Republic sinceMauritius is known as a democratic state which keeps the separation of legislative, executive and judicial powers. It is a nice hald day tour. Ile aux Aigrettes Ile aux Aigrettes is a tiny coral island 25 hectares just off the coast of the town of Mahebourg.

It is a very popular site for snorkeling, it offers great dive sites, and is the ideal destination for a day of relaxation on the beach.

Must try the safari where you get to feed Ostritch and Zebras. Mauritius is an island nation located in the Indian Ocean near Madagascar, off the south-eastern coast of Africa.

The country covers a total land area of 2, sq. km. and consists of the island of Mauritius and several other islands such as Rodrigues and Agalega. And in any case, Mauritius is a veritable dream destination to visit!

Located beneath the tropic of Capricorn, this emerald island paradise is surrounded by a warm turquoise Ocean which is home of colourful tropical fish and adorned with long stretched white sandy beaches; protected by a barrier reef.

Mauritius is popularly known as a high tech tourism destination that makes tourists feel alive and keep coming back for the taste of touring the. Mauritius Botanical Garden, also known as Pamplemousses Garden and SSR Botanical Garden, is one of the most popular tourist attraction in Mauritius, and is located near Port Louis.

It is the oldest botanical garden in the Southern Hemisphere. Visit Mauritius - the official website of Mauritius with the latest updates and information about the Indian Ocean island. Mauritius wins IAGTO Golf Destination of the Year for Africa, Indian Ocean and the Gulf States.

22 Oct Els to play in AfrAsia Bank Mauritius Open. Top view. Mauritius is arguably Africa’s wealthiest destination, a tropical paradise with tons to do. Port Louis, the modern capital of this mile by mile island, is a bustling port with a .

Mauritius as a tourist destination
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